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Beatnik RA800P Rhythmic Analyzer


Beatnik RA800P Rhythmic Analyzer

$ 89.95 $ 119.95

The Beatnik Rhythmic Analyzer helps increase accuracy and feel in ways never before possible. Each one of Beatnik's multiple analyzers evaluates a unique aspect of your timing and rhythmic skills. Multiple views of the timing data instantly reveal technical strengths and weaknesses to help you instantly analyze your technical precision and speed up your progress toward total rhythmic fluency and accuracy. After you set the desired rhythm on the built-in metronome, simply start the playback and strike the touch-sensitive practice pad. Beatnik's large graphic display shows a visual representation of every stroke in real time and records every stroke in a viewable archive, with pinpoint accuracy to the nearest 512th note where your strokes occurred in relation to the actual beat.


•  Lifetime Warranty


•  2 Distinct Anaylzers for measuring timing and dynamic skills


•  Provides Real-Time Visual Feedback for both Timing and Dynamics


•  Touch Sensitive Practice pad for Dymanic control


•  Scores and displays your timing accuracy - up to one 512th note


•  Batteries, Headphones

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