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DW 5000 Series Turbo Bass Drum Pedal DWCP5000TD4


DW 5000 Series Turbo Bass Drum Pedal DWCP5000TD4

$ 199.99 $ 332.99

Throw a rock at a lineup of professional drummers, and you're likely to hit a DW 5000. These pedals have been the industry standard for years thanks to their tank-ish builds and smooth actions. And now, DW has upped the ante with its DW 5000 TD4 Turbo. The patented Dual-chain Turbo Sprocket lets this DW 5000 play even quicker and more controlled than past models. So whether you play lively jazz or speed metal, you'll enjoy quicker single strokes with better dynamics control. Other improvements common to the DW 5000 series include the rubberized Tri-pivot Toe Clamp, which connects securely to hoops via three rotating mounting points, and the Dual Bearing Spring Rocker, which gives the DW 5000 its silky-smooth response.


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