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HINGESTIX Practice Drumsticks


HINGESTIX Practice Drumsticks

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 HINGESTIX swivel pads let the drumstick float, simulating a loose, correct grip. Using HINGESTIX will improve your rebound by reinforcing the position of the fulcrum. HINGESTIX also improves and reinforces the use of the Moeller Technique. Excellent for matched grip drummers, which makes the transition to other percussion instruments easy. Take years off your drum lessons, improve your hand technique, and make drumming with your regular drumsticks easier, with HINGESTIX.

HINGESTIX® Practice Drumsticks, a learning tool that helps drummers understand proper grip, finger technique, and rebound so drummers can play more easily with increased speed and less fatigue. 

The patented contoured swivel pads rotate to allow drummers the feel of an unencumbered, free floating stroke. 

HINGESTIX Practice Drumsticks simulate a loose grip so drummers can remember what they can feel when using their regular drumsticks.

HINGESTIX Practice Drumsticks are great for learning:

  1. Single strokes using the rebound. Like bouncing a basketball, the HINGESTIX simulate a loose grip where bouncing becomes easier
  2. Learning the double bounce for your “open” roll. Just throw the stick down once and let the stick bounce free for that 2nd stroke
  3. Learning the all important “buzz” stroke for your long or “closed” roll
  4. Learning finger technique for more control and speed
  5. Learning proper grip by holding the red swivel pads between the thumb and index finger (or 3rd finger), and gently feeling the back fingers underneath the stick 
Each pair of HINGESTIX Practice Drumstick are balanced and pitched matched.

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