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Dear Student, Parent/Guardian,

We hope this text finds you well!
A note from the team at 247drums:

For the time being, we’re only offering one on one lessons as we’re taking the many necessary, safety precautions needed at this time. It just so happens our facilities are quite spacious which allows for plenty of safe social distancing. Safety is very important to us which is why we encourage all students to bring their own drumsticks and hand sanitizer. We do have backup of both and will wipe the sticks clean with disinfectant, after each use.

We have already been offering Skype and FaceTime lessons for years which has proven very powerful to our long distance learners, it works very effectively - including: the ability of sharing notes, audio recordings, video tutorials and much more. We are currently encouraging this online education program to our regular students who usually come in person. We all need to adapt and evolve in the fastest and safest manner possible, therefore staying on the path to our personal health and goals.

We believe our younger students, now more than ever, will benefit greatly from being involved with extra activities. With the schools not in session, there will be a lot of undirected energy and in some cases stress and anxiety. Much of their physical activities will be void, which is even more of a great reason to keep the youngsters drumming considering it’s physicality, don’t forget it’s great for the mind. The act of making music has been proven to be the only thing in this life that uses 100% if the brain. Physically, mentally, emotionally and more.

Let them drum the hard times away and direct all that access energy into progress!

Reminder: Teri also teaches beginning guitar, which can be done remotely as well. We have many affordable guitars in stock are happy to share photo’s so you don’t have to leave the house. Inquire if interested.

In closing, small businesses are suffering from the decrease in sales and we want you to know that your support is greatly appreciated. As challenging adversities present themselves in life we need to find ways to continue moving forward without breaking our personal momentum, which is why it’s a priority for us to help keep our students progressing on their musical life journey, through the adversities!

We’re looking forward to seeing all of our students in person or online to continue their drumming education.

Where there’s a WILL there’s a WAY -
WE WILL, this way❤️

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Be Well
Stay Strong

Sergio & Teri

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