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Tama SLP 8x15 snare drum Used Perfect Cond


Tama SLP 8x15 snare drum Used Perfect Cond

$ 249.99

SOLD 8x15

Massive in look, feel and sound 


Featuring a large 8" depth, the Big Black Steel Snare Drum produces a fat and punchy tone. The hardened Steel shell provides maximum power and volume, making it the idea choice for players who need to cut through the crushing din of overbearing guitar amplification. Its sleek All Black Nickel plating finish, gives this snare a mean look; while Steel Mighty Hoops provide a “wetter" sound than die-cast zinc hoops. It also comes standard with a 20 strand Starclassic Carbon Steel Snare Wire for great tone and snap.

Maximum Power and Volume
Any drummer playing heavier genres knows that being heard is important. A snare drum that can project volume and power gives you the advantage for a consistent show.

All Black Nickel plating finish
The Tama S.L.P. Series has been bringing top quality snares to you at an affordable price, the Big Black Steel Snare Drum is no different. Matched to its great tone is, its persona is sleek and inferior looking.


  • 1mm 8" Depth Steel Shell
  • Produces a fat and punchy tone
  • Hardened Steel shell
  • Maximum power and volume
  • Steel Mighty Hoops

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