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Yamaha Recording Custom 4 pc Drum Set - Piano Black - 90s


Yamaha Recording Custom 4 pc Drum Set - Piano Black - 90s

$ 1,650.00


A solid 9 out of 10—
Incredibly clean 
All original 
Purchased new the late 90s
One owner

classic painted shells on the inside 

The Beauty of Birch
A problem with some shells that are designed for enhanced depth and low-end resonance is the loss of articulation and stick definition when tuned low. However, the Recording Custom shells overcame this obstacle with ease and provided a perfect balance of focused fundamental tone, crisp attack, and quick decay. The extra attack and short sustain were extremely helpful when playing fast, syncopated patterns between the bass drum and toms, or when embellishing patterns with floor tom hits without overwhelming the balance of the groove with too much resonance. The 16″ floor tom instantly recalls the deep, dark, articulate sound Gadd used in his famous linear pattern on Paul Simon’s “50 Ways to Leave Your Lover

10x12 11x13 14x15 16x22
All Tom mounts included

Steve Gadd signature snare drum 
5x14 Maple - optional and avail

Shipping anywhere


 The Recording Custom series has a long history in the world of drumming. The kit originally launched in the mid-’70s as the YD-9000, taking on the Recording Custom name in the mid-’80s. Over the years, the Recording Custom has changed in a few ways, but its all-birch shell has remained the unwavering trademark of the series since its inception. Yamaha recently collaborated with drumming icon Steve Gadd to revamp the Recording Custom for 2016. According to Yamaha, the result is a “refined, focused sound with…deeper tones.


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