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1 Full Year 247drums Exclusive Vip Membership


1 Full Year 247drums Exclusive Vip Membership

$ 99.99 $ 199.99

Our Best Customer is an Educated Consumer (cit. SIMS)


2018 Membership On Sale Now VALID for a FULL 365 Days From The Day You Enroll

Buy Now And Start Receiving Confidential Lists of Products of All Major Brands at A Very Discounted Cost. Most Purchases will save you more than the initial cost of the merchandise. 

The VIP (Very Important Percussionist) Members program is designed to reward our educated consumers who understand the benefits of an exclusive relation based on trust, knowledge and loyalty.

Our Vip Members have access to resources that will allow them to make wise choices, from the comfort of their homes or smart phones, while saving money. Whether in person or remotely every VIP customer can count on first hand access to blowout lists, one of a kind, special offers and a confidential one on one access to prices that we could not share to the general public. We reward your loyalty with the extra savings you deserve!

Much like the Membership Clubs such as BJ's and Costco to name a few, at 247drums we offer our members huge discounts without the commitment to large quantities. Schools, band directors, rehearsal complex have decided to join the Vip Member to buy at larger discounts and help the members of their communities to save money as well.




Most Customers are able to absorb the cost of the Membership with their first purchase



Q:How Does It Work?

A: Upon Completion of becoming a member, you will be given a unique link (password protected) that will give you access to confidential lists of products divided by brand and with pricing you won't believe. An Example? A VIP Member can buy a cymbal set that all the major website sell at $749 for as low as $579 (Big Savings Indeed)



Q: Can I Share my Password/Link?

A: No. The Membership is unique. However we want you to encourage your friends/colleagues to take advantage of the same incredible deals.


Q: What About if I don't Like the pricing or the services?

A: You can cancel your membership at anytime and receive a full refund, no questions asked. If you decide to rejoin you will simply pay the membership again


Q: How do I get a 247drums Exclusive VIP membership?


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