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Teacher's Picks

This section is dedicated to a selected list of educators who believe in directing their students to one specialized place that stock the items they utilize in their teaching cirriculum. Are you tired of sending your students to different places or hearing that they couldn't find what they needed? At 247drums, owner Sergio Bellotti, understands how important it is to have all the tools in place beginning with their first lesson.
The idea is to show up for your first lesson (or shortly thereafter) with sticks,metronome,books,music notepad and whatever else your teacher may recommend.
Find the suggested tool list of your teacher here below.(If you don't see your teacher on this list ask him to join; if you are a teacher and wish to join the network or update your current list email us at
Sergio Bellotti (Berklee College, Spajazzy, WeJazzup, Rocco Ventrella, The Platters and 247drums)
Peter Erskine Ride Sticks, HArvey Mason Sticks, Dave Weckl Evolution Sticks,Vibe 5T Aluminum Sticks,Steve Gadd Brushes, Steve Smith Wand Tala
Louie Bellson " Modern Text in 4/4,Ted Reed " Syncopation,Steve Houghton " Studio and Big Band Drumming,Luoie Bellson" Odd Time",Ron Fink" Drumset Reading"
Horacio Hernandez " Conversations in Clave, Gary Chester " The New Breed",Rick Gratton "Ricks Licks" Chet Doboe" Funk Sambas", John Ramsay" Complete Vocabulary as taught by Alan Dawson", Bob Moses " Drum Wisdom", Skip Hadden " The Beat the Body and the Brain".
Pad: Aquarian Super Pad & Vif Firth Mutes
Metronone: Sergio Bellotti Official App
James Murphy 
Sticks:Vater Sweet Ride Vater Shedder
Books: Syncopation(Ted Reed), Portraits in Rhythm(Anthony Cirone), Modern Reading Text in 4/4(Louis Bellson) Give the Drummers Some!(Jim Payne)
Pad: Vater 12" Single sided chop builder pad
Metronome: Tama Rhythm Watch
Frank Scarcia of the Atomic Studios in Medford Ma
Sticks: 5a,5b,2b wood tip by Vic Firth
Books: Ted Reed " Syncopation" and George Lawrence Stone " Stick Control"
Skip Hadden (Berklee College, Weather Report,Fusion Great)
Sticks:SD-2 Bolero, A1-A6, Heritage brushes Vic Firth
Heads: Evans EC2 for toms, Genera/Hazy 300 for snare and EMAD and Resonance for bass
Percussion: LP Mambo bell, Caxixi, Shake-it, Eggs
Cymbals: Zildjian Complex Ride II 22” and 20” 18” Dark K Crash 14” Steve Gadd Session Hihats
Yamaha Drums Birch Absolutes  13” Steve Gadd model Maple snare 12” 13” 14” Toms wooden hoops 18” Bass with lift
900 series Hardware DW 5000 Pedal and Hihat  
Reading: “Intermediate Studies for Snare Drum” Garwood Whaley “All American Drum Solos” Charles Wilcoxin “Portraits in Rhythm” Anthony Cirone“Studio and Big Band Drumming” Steve Houghton “The Ultimate Drumset Reading Anthology” Steve Houghton 
Miscellaneous: “World Fusion Drumming” Alfred Music Skip Hadden Required text for Rhythmic Concepts lab “Rhythmic Concepts;
Broken Eighth Note Feel” Who’s Counting? Skip Hadden 
Required text for Jazz Drum Styles lab “Profiles in Jazz Drumming” Who’s Counting?  Skip Hadden 
Recommended for odd time signature development   “The Beat, The Body & The Brain II” Who’s Counting? Skip Hadden
“Even in the Odds” Steve Houghton. 
Recommended for control :“Stick Control” George Lawrence Stone 
Recommended for Linear Time Feels and Phrasing lab “Linear Time Playing” Gary Chaffee 
Recommended for polyrhythms “Rhythm and Meter Patterns” Gary Chaffee “Polyrhythms for Musicians, Vol. & Vol. 2” Pete Magadini “Exploration in Rhythm” Ed Saindon 
Recommended for Funk Drum Styles lab: “Future Sounds” David Garibaldi “Code of Funk” David Garibaldi “100 Famous Funk Beats” Jim Payne “The Great Drummers of R&BFunk&Soul” Jim Payne “The Commandments of R&B Drumming” Zoro
“Early Rhythm and Blues Drumming” Zoro and Daniel Glass 
Recommended for brush technique development :“Mastering The Art of Brushes” Jon Hazilla 
Recommended for World Drum Styles lab: “Brazilian Rhythms for Drumset” Alberto Netto “Relating Sound & Time” Jerry Leake “Ancient Traditions, Future Possibilities” Matthew Montfort 
Recommended for solo development: “Motivic Drumset Soloing” Terry O’Mahoney 
Recommended for N.O. and Second Line Drumming :“New Orleans and Second Line Drumming” Herlin Riley and John Vidocovich “New Orleans Drumming ‘Second Line and Funk Drumming” Roy Burns / Joey Farris 
Coming Soon
Jon Hazilla (Berklee College and Brushes "guru")
Kenwood Dennard (Sting,Miles Davis,Berklee College)
Teri Coté (David Cassidy, 247drums)
Henrique DeAlmeida (Berklee College)