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Rimshot-Locs - A Little Background...

For generations drummers and percussionists around the world have struggled to keep their instruments in precise tune. The idea that you could tune your snare drum, or your entire drum set, and have it remain in precise tune for days, weeks, even months at a time was an idea lost in the history books of the drum world for over 100 years. Today, that idea has been found and brought forward into reality with the birth of the Rimshot-Loc.

Rimshot-Loc, a simplistic easy to understand system of parts that will fit most any drum made that uses traditional "hoop-tension rod-lug" engineering for tightening and tuning the drum head. Rimshot-Loc, a powerful and effective tool that thwarts the damaging detuning effects of the rimshots played by drummers everywhere. Rimshot-Loc, a reasonably priced cost effect long term fix for the oldest known problem in the modern drum arena. A onetime installation of Rimshot-Loc parts for under $30.00 can significantly transform an entry level snare drum with unreliable tuning and poor tone into a precisely tuned instrument with reasonably good tone and precise notation.

Even the best made drums in the world benefit from the qualities that the Rimshot-Loc system delivers. You have to experience this reality to believe it, and for as little as twenty dollars you can. Everyone who loves music benefits from Rimshot-Loc. It's not just drummers around the world who get to enjoy the benefits of this revolutionary new product; it truly is all of us. Yes, it is true that drummers no longer have to tune and retune their drums because they play hard and aggressively.

Yes it is true that music producers and engineers can now trust that the time spent precisely tuning a drum set for a recording session or a live event is not time wasted, and that the tuning will hold up for the duration of the session or the show. Yes it is true that everyone from the listener on up the music food chain wins with Rimshot-Loc because it is reliable, and it produces consistently better quality notation and tone.